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Have you been wondering what narrativesweb.wordpress.com is ?It’s a blog that consists of stories of varied type of genres.The stories are all  gripping,captivating and at times nail biting.Without further ado scroll down,click ‘Did you close the door’ and read the first story or click the menu button and choose something else to read .PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT!



Did you close the door?

Did you close the door?

A horror story :Did you close the door?🔪😱😨

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Chapter one


As wispy , white clouds dotted the vivid blue sky, Helen Willoughby climbed up the wooden stairs that spiralled their way to the room upstairs.The room was a relaxing place , furnished  with comfy,deep leather couches and large floor cushions.It always felt like it was the perfect place to relax.Silently, she sank into the velvet sofa and commenced texting in her phone.Suddenly,there was a knock on the door.Helen’s mum,Martha came ambling through .She settled down in one of the couches.Then,she said “Helen,I am going on holiday for two weeks and I am expecting you to look after the house and act at your best behaviour.”😃

“Did you close the door?”Martha asked.Now,these words annoyed Helen.Everytime they left a place or came inside ,her mum always asks her the same question.

Due to the weather outside: trees bursting with symphony of song birds under the ribbons of creamy sunlight,Helen decided to go to her best  friend’s  (Lizzy) house.It was situated in the picturesque town which was surrounded by leafy lanes and gentle hills.L Ike strings of spaghetti,the roads circled and spot the town.After travelling through the wide,tree-lined streets,s he arrived at her companion’s house.

The manor house was the largest in the town. It was surrounded by high,red-brick walls. The back of the house was a carpet of lush,green grass.Huge terracotta pots,brimming with brightly coloured flowers,sat either side of the front door.Grassy slopes  cascaded from the house to a beautiful wilderness f huge trees and wild flowers; honeysuckle  clung to the majestic oak tree which spread it’s enormous limbs over the centre .Gingerly,Helen knocked on the brass door

Lizzy opened it. The girl had brown hair flowing along one side to adorn her porcelain- like,glowing skin.Her eyes,f takes by long lashes,were a bright emerald green. The dress was a perfect fit,it sat on her body as if it had been made for her.Its satin folds hugged her figures following her curves and the deep blue was gorgeous. The neck was embroidered with miniature,dark flowers and it made her look spectacular.

“Hello !”said Helen.

“Hello!”responded Lizzy.They were both ecstatic to see each other.Lizzy led Helen to her room.Helen talked about the fact that her mum was going on a holiday.

“Don’t worry,since my dad is a police officer,he will take care IF anything goes wrong.

After she went home,Helen went to slumber straightaway.She couldn’t sleep.A mist descended on her mind.She felt as if she was walking through a blizzard of nerves and confusion.A terrifying nightmare infiltrated get mind.There was a lady Thick blue veins swelled through her wax paper skin.She floated with ease; she had eyes as empty ad the nothingness she came from.Her hair rippled in dark,thick waves.Something was uneasy.It was gnawing at her stomach and fluttering as if she swallowed a butterfly.As her pulse raced and her eyes widened,she gasped frantically for breath.

Whilst weird thoughts scurried through her mind,she ran downstairs to eat breakfast.Whilst eating toast,”mum,how many days is it until you go on holiday?”Helen asked.

“Have you forgotten,it’s tomorrow!!!!!!


Chapter 2😂👹

WARNING:this chapter and the  next chapters are  the fun bits,but don’t get too excited,the 4th chapter is SCARY!This a horror story!DUH!



After a long day of science experiments in high school,Helen shuddered along the roads of the crowded city to get to her house.Gingerly and exhaustedly,she twisted the brass door knob.Delicately,she kept her bags to the side and slumped on the shiny,purple sofa.Her mother was sitting in front of her.

She(her mum) was packing her bags.Suddenly,she began getting furious:one of the suitcases had a zip that wouldn’t close.Speechless with rage,she curled her fist and dug her fingers deep into her palms.

“Are you alright,mother?”Helen catechised.😱Throwing her head back her mum exhaled deeply and closed her eyes.Thumping on the suitcase,she looked Helen in the eye.

“I’m fine,THANK YOU!”.                                       Helen opened her mouth to speak,but before she could utter a word,her mother silenced her by putting her hand,palm upwards in the air in front of her.

“Helen,did you close the door?”

“Ugh… I did!”

After a little  while,it was time for Martha to leave on her peaceful holiday.                      “Make sure you take care of the house and close the door whenever needed.”

Quietly,Helen closed the door and clambered upstairs in her room.She lay down on the bed.The comforter was so fluffy and soft,the pillows were overwhelming and the smoothness on Helen’s skin was unbelievable.Slowly,the lines of fatigue had smoothed and had virtually disappeared.Eyelids closed against  dim light of dawn and her breathing was deep and relaxing. The innocence showed on the sleeping face; the tranquil and serene dreams blocked it any dangers of the outside world.🌍

Chapter 3

Home alone🏪

Time for a change of colour!

The next day,Helen woke up feeling as timid as a mouse.She moaned from the tapping sunlight against her face,wondering how long she’d been asleep for.She blinked,shut her eyes and blinked again.She yawned,then managed to fully open both eyes.

As she carried her phone downstairs,a few messages pinged.There was a photo of her mum in the beach.It was a long arc of golden sand,sheltered by dunes and large pop umbrella palm trees.The diamond dust beach waved at Helen.Without delay,Helen rang Martha.

Martha explained every grain of sand that was happening at her holiday.Helen envied her mother(sort of ).😠

To avoid boredom,she strolled to the river nearby.Shewalked slowly,dragging her feet.She wore a chic,white blouse,tailored black trousers and expensive high-heeled  boots.                                                                        After a brisk wander through the roads -they started downwards in a steep descent and crabbed along the hills in a series of perilous curves,twisting and turning like coiled springs,Helen approached  the river.The water was a huge curtain of shimmering silver that sparkled with a million diamonds of light in the midday sun.The gentle breeze ticked her face like a feather and bought it with the scent of fresh grass.Whilst Helen whistled wistfully, a hand rested on her shoulder.        With heart pounding,she revolved.                 It was Lizzy.The only difference was her hair ,:it was dyed in tamed ,reddish curls that cascaded down her back.They started walking…and talking…  After a long stroll near 0the river,a rim pale of pink had formed on the eastern horizon as the sun  waved goodbye in a glorious explosion of red and gold.Since Helen had nothing to do ,she went to Lizzy’s house… Lizzy’s mum rolled out the welcome mat.They went to the dining room.It was a grand space to say the least.The huge mahogany table took up the most of the vast space.Two tall silver handlebars commanded attention from the centre of the table,whose wax never dripped.                They went to swim in the swimming pool.                                                                                          As they were wading peacefully,a faint sound of tapping feet was coming from behind .It came closer and closer.                    “Dinner is ready!”

It was time for slumber…As morning’s rays  reflected Helen yelled bye and left the house.

Chapter 4 :Where the real fun begins

She sat on the couch and switched on the television.After a few minutes,the atmosphere began to get really chilly and fog commenced forming.It crept on the house like a ghostly serpent,slid along the window,flicked its tongue into the corners of the house,waited a moment and then slipped back along the path.

Consequently,she walked upstairs to bring a quilt.When she entered her room ,she grabbed the duvet.She felt like she glimpsed something in the mirror.”Must’ve  been my imagination!”At that moment,she went to the bathroom to wash her face.She heard the mirror cracking.Althkgh,when she looked at the mirror,it was a normal,shaped mirror.She was sure.Quickly,she sprinted downstairs with her rug and sat,legs shivering on the sofa.

The TV was off .It can’t be! Helen  left it on.She was the only one in the house! Suddenly,the microwave  started whistling.Helen hurried.Behind her ear ,there was a faint sound of flowing water.”oh now what?”😭 frustration engulfed her.There was a figure ambling through the corridor.It  had long curls dangling on her face,a lantern hanging from her palm and she left a trail of blood.On the other side,there was a similar ghost holding a battle axe.T he lantern ghost started taking her (wig)hair and clothes off.There were clothes inside though!FYI!”Lizzy, it’s you?!Is that a friend of yours?”                “No ,what are you talking about?”Helen pointed a shaky index finger towards the East.RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lizzy insisted that they should go to kitchen.Lizzy followed.So did the spirit👻👻With blood cuddling,they closed the door.The phantom began banging.she had wax  paper skin that floated with ease.A rippling sea of blood  ran across her chalky ,white dress that blazed behind her.Bang!Bang!Bang!Helen and Lizzy ran into the bathroom .Helen was struck with terror.Her heart was beating painfully and it was bashing against her ribs . As the blood pounder in her temples,her brain  quickened  and her senses were alert.               Then,the incident became more sinister.A girl,about five years of age stared in the mirror.She had eyes like ebony and hair like curls of destroyed sunshine.Slowly,she tilted her head to the side.Diminishing,eerie music began playing.Her eyes thronged with anger.Screaming began.”Did you close the door???””Did you…”The mirror began to crack.Fear choked the watching girls with its murderous hands.It gripped at their throats and strangled their breath.With a low grasp,they crouched in the corner and closed their eyes for a few minutes .                                                                  The lock  opened.They stepped out from the back door and left the domicile.The streetlight flickered,casting  a horrific glow.The cracked pavement looked like gashes and a lone lorry came thundering down the road.It was quickly swallowed in the dark.They walked across the empty streets.They whipped around due to the sound of thudding.Utter stillness hung in the air ,yet there was no ghost.If that mysterious lady had been haunting them again ,they were going to be an easy target.Lizzy and Helen gyrated back.  There she was dangling her hair again.The hairs on the companion’s necks rose.With clogged throats ,they bolts for life.They were packed with velocity,dashing through anything that hindered in the way.Even though they were exhausted,they had to go a s far as their legs could take  them.At a point,the friends stopped.They were lethargic.When they glared behind them,both of them realised  that the ghost wasn’t chasing them anymore.Shocked to the brim,they data t a nearby bench.All there eyes could see was a throng of pricey cars zooming past them.                                  However,there was a car that Lizzy had seen before.”Mum!”Slowly,her mum stepped out of her car;she looked apprehensive.                                                          “What on earth happened?Get in the car!”There were lots of questions about what happened .Helen couldn’t hold it in.”Well,um..”

“Well ,what Helen?”

“We saw a ghost , mum!”Lizzy interrupted.  “Are you having a laugh?” Lizzy’s mum insisted they should go to sleep.The girls agreed .Since Helen’s house was the nearest,they went there for a few days.

CHAPTER 5😈👿👹✋🔪🏥

Mysterious investigation

Lethargically,Helen woke up.The sun hadn’t risen .It was midnight.Helen woke Lizzy up.She began slapping her cheek.

“What are you …”Lizzy said


Gingerly,they tip-toed up the stairs.They felt really unsettled:it was the stairs!They were gripping them by the shoes and they were squeezing their feet .As Helen and Lizzy clambered further,the stairs let go of their pain-stricken feet,which made them lurch forwards and backwards.In the darkness something stirred.                       “Here we go again!”Helen said nervously.They were waiting with anticipation.However,tgey weren’t  as scared as they were the previous night.

“Hello? Anybody in the house?”

“Please,own up,I haven’t even slept properly from the past two days!

The ghost asked if they were sure.The voice wasn’t a little girl’s,so it had to to  the phantom with the battle-axe.The girls followed the sound of the footsteps.Soon,they were face to face.

“Shhhh…!When spirits speak,the living must listen…”.    “Look , I’m Lizzy!My father’s really rich,really! He’ll give you billions!                                                                     There was a loud explosion of guffaws.In utter silence,the lady turned around, white dress blazing behind her and hair cascading.They saw Lizzy’s mum coming from the bedroom.They were only going to stay in Helen’s house for a few days.W with eyes like frying pans,Lizzy’s mum walked towards the girls .She handed them a briefcase that the girls were given by Lizzy’s dad.As Helen and her companion stared into space,they decided to go the library to search for any files related to”the ghost”It was a really rainy.The rain was like chips of ice pouringbdown their faces like a chilly stream.The trees flinch and the grass shivered.At last,they arrived.In big,bold writing ,the name was written:CARLSBURG LIBRARY Quickly,however gingerly the girls sprinted inside.Within no time,they were searching for books and files.Helen found a file by the name ‘The disappeared”.After rummaging through all the pages,there were no facts to be found.The girls headed home.With melancholy faces and hopeless feelings,both of them dragged their feet a long the streets.When the girls arrived at the house,Helen had a thought.She logged onto Google.Lizzy snorted and looked at Helen as if she was looking at an algebra question.Ignoring Lizzy,she began typing.    “Here are your results”As she scrolled down, Lizzy began munching crisps.The noise was antagonising .Helen was a spitting bundle of rage.Waving her arms wildly in the air,she shrieked at her and advanced,eith her eyes bulging in her twisted face.Meanwhile,she logged into  a website when she typed the address of her  house address,this is what came on:

On the 19th of April,1999,a family were proven to be threatening another family.They were claiming  that the house that the opposing family were dwelling in was theirs.Due to no evidence ,the people got forced out of the residence.                         After finding out who the ghost might have been if it was a human,they decided to open the briefcase.It had a  pistol and a post it next to it.It read’,shoot by the feet!’


Helen needs to be brave

The clock struck three in the morning.Almost everyone who Helen knew said that three o’clock was the ‘devil hour’s.Both companions woke up.Loud yawns were released.As water tapping on their heads,they wondered what was happened.The floor above led to the attic,where they they left the briefcase.With determination of capturing the spirit,(which wasn’t believed to be real anymore)and fear of getting injured,they clambered carefully to the top. Lizzy’s mother stood near the open door,mouth agape with eyes like rugby balls.The girls peered through.There lay a knife,an antique box and  a DVD:101 Dalmatians. 101  thoughts ran through Helen’s head.As  menacing laughter echoed,the phantom revolved with a vile smirk spreading across her face.To distract Helen,she threw a dagger,which was aimed at Lizzy.It didn’t cause much of an injury,however,caused her to faint.”I must be brave”She decided to get the lady.


The Chase

With eyes that weren’t  completely opened yet,Helen ran downstairs.theOn the way , she found  the briefcase.Shaking her hands continuously,she gripped on to the pistol and fired.The sound was ear-splitting and scary for Helen because she wasn’t used to shooting.She missed.With sweat trickling down her temples,she attempted another go(after all,there were six bullets).Yes!However,there wasn’t the same result as expected:a hover board with glowing wheels came rolling towards her feet.So that’s what ‘made’ it look like she was floating!!!AHHH!!!!!Genius!The lady fell over.As soon as she managed to stand up and exit through the back door,Lizzy’s father was at the door.           “But,how did you come here?”asked Helen.Lizzy and her mum came downstairs.Now,it was time to find out about the phantom!


Who are you?

“So,who are you?”The ghost began taking her wig and fake clothes off.She was a normal girl in skinny beans and a belly top,who brought along a defeat for help.              “I’m Hetty Higgins, part of the family who got forced out of our house,this house! I thought that you would leave the house if we haunt you and our family can get it back.”

“How did you come in ?Couldn’t you buy a new house instead?”

“You didn’t close the door.We tried but the agents didn’t let us buy one around the area,so we now live in a house which is in a deserted road”.                                                                                                       Suddenly, the door was opening!Helen had forgotten,her mum was coming back.She was horrified by the  state of the house .Everyone explained what happened.

“So,then the little girl in the bathroom mirror you are telling me about  must have been your sister or relative,” Helen’s mum said.Hetty looked confused.”What, a girl !? I didn’t even bring anyone along with me!I don’t even know a little girl who lives around our are ; you said she wasn’t in the bathroom ,so how could you see her in the bathroom mirror?”…😮😲😨😬😩🙉🙊🙅